An electrofishing survey is the first and most important step in pond and lake management to an existing population. This survey provides an accurate sampling of your fish populations as well as a total pond and lake assessment. At The Lake Doctor, we use only state-of-the-art Electro Fishing equipment and soft nets to ensure a proper survey is conducted. This method of surveying is very safe for both your fish and your pond and lake. The conclusion of a survey provides the correct information for a complete pond/lake management report which will include; recommendations, overall health status of the pond/lake and fish, pond/lake cover and structure, water testing, targeted species to forage ratios, and relative weights. Relative weights are a standard of weight to length ratios that give us an accurate account of the health of the fish in your pond/lake.

After the fish survey is completed, a unique management plan is written for the lake. Such a management plan discusses any problem that the lake may have, and provides a list of options to remedy or help each problem. The plans also include recommendations about fertilization, liming, weed control and structural improvements, which may be required. Each lake we work with is unique due to its physical characteristics, fish population and its owners’ expectations. We strive to provide every pond or lake owner with the proper tools and expert ability to make his or her dream lake a reality.

In addition, fish can also be provided at fingerling size for new lakes or at larger sizes for lakes that have established populations of fish. Below you will find a summary of fish species provided by The Lake Doctor.

Our Fish Include:

Largemouth Bass
Coppernose Bluegill
Redear Sunfish (shell cracker)
Channel Catfish
Hybrid Striped Bass
Grass Carp (non-sterile or sterile)
Threadfin Shad
Fathead Minnows
And Many Other Sport Fish and Forage Fish

Please contact The Lake Doctor to learn more about electrofishing surveys and our fish! The Lake Doctor can be reached at 972-523-3232 or for your convenience you may request information from this site.

Thank you for your interest in The Lake Doctor and we look forward to serving you and your lake in the future!

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