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Pond Management: Waste and Sludge Reducerâ„¢ (WSR):

Waste and Sludge Reducer is a natural blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria designed to reduce accumulated organic sludge and waste in ponds and lakes. Through accelerated microbial uptake and decomposition of organic matter and animal waste, WSR is effective in reducing nitrites, nitrates and nitrogen. The result is reduced biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) and improved pond water quality. WSR also eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane gas, which are known for their offensive rotten egg odor.

WSR has been proven in the field to consume vast amounts of organic solids from lake bottoms. In some instances we have seen lake depths increase as much as two feet in less then a year. Great for pond management. You might also be interested in looking at Aquatron for improving water quality and clarity.

No EPA requirements. Waste and Sludge Reducer is safe for plants and animals.

Application Rate:

Initial Dose -- 3-6 lbs. per surface acre

Maintenance Dosage -- 2 lbs. per surface acre every two weeks throughout the season.

For best results, we recommend treating throughout the growing season in your area.

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