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Do you have problems with your pond or lake? Contact The Lake Doctor and have one of our trained technicians meet with you to set up the best lake management program for your lake or pond. Whether you are designing a new lake or pond, dealing with nuisance aquatic vegetation, high bacteria levels, just looking for a beautiful floating fountain or some professional advice, we can help you with any of your aquatic needs.

The Lake Doctor is happy to offer a variety of lake consulting programs suited to help maximize safety, recreational, functional, and aesthetic value of your specific lake or pond. At The Lake Doctor, we understand the devastating effect a weed and algae choked frontage has on property values. This causes many individuals to dump all sorts of things in their back yard waters. This is not only ineffective, but potentially hazardous!

Our experience has shown whole lake planning is absolutely essential. By utilizing one program for the whole lake or pond, residents tend to stop self treating the water. Because their frontage looks so much better, they are happy to have it done professionally. We also understand the importance of your input in any successful management plan. Our treatment advice is based on your priorities. Our plans take into account budget, desired outcomes, and most importantly the interest of the lake and its inhabitants. We offer complete lake and pond solutions that are environmentally friendly which help restore the lakes balance of plant species and wildlife habitat.

We invite you to continue your tour of our website. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists please do not hesitate to contact The Lake Doctor at 972-523-3232 or for your convenience you may request information from this site.

Thank you for your interest in The Lake Doctor and we look forward to serving you and your lake in the future!

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