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Whether your pond or lake is for commercial production or a corporate lake site, it can become infested with nuisance weeds and algae. This unsightly growth is due to excessive nutrient input and can quickly choke a pond. This condition also makes fishing difficult and reduces the pond/lakes aesthetic value.

Because of this, The Lake Doctor specializes in custom weed control systems that are designed specifically for the Texas climate and your fish population.

A healthy pond or lake demands a continual long-term vegetation control and maintenance program. At The Lake Doctor, we provide an extensive variety of weed control products, equipment, herbicides, lake dyes and algaecides for the treatment of nuisance aquatic plants. Our lake management experts are trained to handle the chemicals and equipment that are used in aquatic plant control. We will provide solutions to any submerged, emergent or floating weed problems that you may have. In addition, all of the herbicides and algaecides we use are approved and labeled for aquatic use by the EPA and Department of Agriculture.

Vegetation Control - Lake Management Dallas Fort Worth metroplex

We are also fully knowledgeable in the breeding and sale of exotics such as triploid grass carp and tilapia which provide a biological alternative to chemical and mechanical weed removal. We also offer nutrient precipitation, fertilization regimes and aeration systems to promote plankton blooms that improve the health of your pond and can shade out many aquatic weeds.

Whether you want a lake that is completely free of weeds or a 25% vegetation coverage to promote fish growth, our comprehensive vegetation control programs are on time and affordable and will provide an attractive, trouble-free pond that is personalized to your needs and the needs of your lake.

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