Aquatic Dye - Alpine Blue

Pond Management Solution: Alpine Blue

Aquatic dye, such as Alpine Blue, not only adds a natural, beautiful color to ponds, lakes, fountains and lagoons, it also serves as a shield which reduces the amount of light penetrating through the water for easy lake management. This is important for two reasons.

As light penetrates the water everything below the water's surface, including all of its aquatic inhabitants, becomes illuminated and thus more visible to predatory birds such as eagles, kingfishers and cranes. The use of an aquatic dye, such as Alpine Blue, effectively reduces the amount of light penetrating through the water, thus reducing the amount of illumination under the water's surface, allowing your fish added protection from airborne predators.

Alpine Blue will limit the amount of light reaching the bottom of your pond or lake.

Aquatic Dye Dallas Fort Worth Texas

When applied at recommended doses, aquatic dyes will not pose a threat to fish, birds, amphibians or humans, and will NOT stain them blue.

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