Fish - Fish Stock Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Once your pond or lake is complete you can depend on The Lake Doctor for all of your fish management needs From fish stocking, fish attractors, and even fish population surveys, The Lake Doctor will make the very best recommendations for the needs of your lake or pond and also for the rest of the fish family which may already live in your existing lake. From a Native Bass, to Catfish, Bluegill, Fathead Minnows, Florida Bass, Hybrid Sunfish, Hybrid Stripers, Threadfin Shad, Tilapia, Crawfish, Triploid Grass Carp and even beautifully colored ornamental fish, you can be rest assured that our hatchery will provide aquatic balance and prosperity.

Fish - Fish Stock Dallas Fort Worth Texas

At the Lake Doctor we also suggest a routine fish survey. These extensive studies are utilized to not only assess the fish population of the lake but also to correct any problem, which may exist. As a management tool, Electro-fishing, a system which temporarily stuns the fish so to allow capturing, the fish are then weighed and measured before releasing. Once the Electro-Fishing procedure is complete our specialists will then study the data obtained to evaluate the overall health and compatibility of the lake. Including suggestions such as liming, fertilization, weed control and any structural improvements, we will provide a thorough report and management plan for the future.

Our Hatchery Provides A Full Line Of Fish Including:

 Florida Bass
 Native Bass
 Fathead Minnows
 Hybrid Sunfish
 Hybrid Stripers
 Threadfin Shad
 Triploid Grass Carp
 Ornamental Fish

 Fish Stocking
 Fish Population Surveys
 Fish Attractors
 Electro-Fishing Studies

At The Lake Doctor we a continually striving to exceed your expectations as the lake's owner. We want you to have every possible tool needed to realize your dreams and enjoy your lake to its fullest potential. In doing so, we are looking forward to caring for your lake for you, so that you have more time to enjoy it for what it is.

Fish - Fish Stock Dallas Fort Worth Texas

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists please contact us at 972-523-3232. For your convenience you may also request information from this site.

Thank you for your interest in The Lake Doctor and we look forward to serving you and your lake in the future!

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