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All Natural Vegetation Management Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Pond Management: About Beneficial Microbes:

In natural situations, non-pathogenic microorganisms are present at low levels so their ability to improve water quality is very small. When these same beneficial microbes are present in high concentrations their ability to make noticeable changes in water quality and clarity greatly improves. Through years of scientific research Keeton Industries has documented the effect of the specific beneficial microbes applied to problem water bodies and noted their effect on contaminants such as phosphorus, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and organic solids.

Simply stated, reducing the source of all nutrient inputs through microbial action, water quality and clarity will improve as will the habitat for warm water or coldwater fisheries. Microbes have the natural ability to consume vast quantities of excess nutrients, thus markedly reducing eutrophication, allowing water to clear and making pond management easier.

These beneficial microbes are found in our extensive line of water treatment products, which are formulated with very specific combinations of naturally occurring microbes, micronutrients, and trace minerals. Our microbial formulas have been proven world wide--without the use of harmful chemicals--to improve water quality in pond and lake environments. These products are all-natural and are completely safe for wildlife, humans and pets.

All Natural Vegetation Management Dallas Fort Worth Texas

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