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Preservation of our greatest natural resource is always a foremost concern. At The Lake Water we realize the massive expense of maintaining a substantial water level in your new lake or pond. In doing so, you can trust in our water well design experts for all of your water well drilling and maintenance needs.

With a constant goal to provide only the highest quality standard of service and material, our experts have earned a well-respected name for themselves with numerous builders and property developers throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Our water well services include water well drilling, pump design and installation, water testing and filtration, troubleshooting of any existing problems for problems which may arise during your design and finally a thorough inspection once the well is complete.

In addition, you can rely on our specialists to perform a procedure known as hydro-fracturing. In the event of a severe fracture within the rock of the well, hydro-fracturing will successfully clean out the fracture with an average of 95%.

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 Water Testing
 Irrigation Systems
 Excavation Services
 Deionization Services

In compliance with the Department of Licensing and Regulations, The Lake Doctor wants to ensure your lake and the wildlife which reside in the water have an abundant source of water necessary for survival. You can trust that each of our technicians are thoroughly trained and undergo a continual education process, which in turn keeps us fully abreast of the very latest innovations in water well design and maintenance.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists please do not hesitate to contact The Lake Doctor at 972-523-3232 or for your convenience you may request information from this site.

Thank you for your interest in The Lake Doctor and we look forward to serving you and your lake in the future!

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